Turquoise Bracelet for Men

A Turquoise Bracelet for Men

Turquoise is a gemstone of great mystery, believed by some Native American tribes to have fallen from the sky, and for that reason it is also known as “sky stone.” Other tribes believe the beautiful blue and blue-green stones to be the tears of the Creator, which once rained from the heavens and call them “stones of heaven.” Whether or not the various tribes agree as to the precise origin of turquoise, it is known to be a powerful gemstone by all, and is frequently used to create a beautifully encrusted turquoise bracelet for men, in order that they can carry the power of turquoise on them.

Turquoise Bracelet for Men: Symbolic of Wisdom and Leadership

A turquoise bracelet for men is often worn by great leaders, healers and wise men as a symbol of their status and power. Turquoise strengthens convictions, emanates strong leadership skills, and enhances communication with the Creator.

Turquoise Bracelet for Men: Used as Protection from Harm

Family members, friends or lovers might make a gift of a turquoise bracelet to men, as a symbol of their affection, in order to protect their loved ones from harm in battle, while hunting or on a vision quest. Turquoise was and still is believed to be singularly powerful in preventing horseback riding accidents, and in turning away the evil eye. If you are wearing turquoise that is cracked, it is said that the stone protected you from something that would have otherwise harmed you.

Turquoise Bracelet for Men: Used in Healing

Turquoise is believed to contain powerful detox agents. A turquoise bracelet may be worn by someone recovering from alcoholism, drug addiction or another form of environmental poisoning. Turquoise is also believed to strengthen the immune system, assist with breathing, and to lower high blood pressure.

Turquoise Bracelet for Men: Protection from Negativity

Each turquoise stone is believed to have its own innate, uplifting form of energy emanating from it. Turquoise bracelets for men provide self-confidence, inner strength and have a calming effect during times of stress and crisis.

Turquoise Bracelet for Men: A Connection to the Great Spirit

Turquoise assists in meditation, and connects the physical being with the spiritual plane. A Turquoise bracelet for men is useful if worn during prayer, medication and vision quests.

Turquoise Bracelet for Men: As a Gift of Love, Affection and Friendship

Turquoise is a powerful stone and a turquoise bracelet for men is a powerful and generous gift, expressing deep love, sincere affection and true friendship. A wife may give a turquoise bracelet for men to her husband in order to increase marital harmony, or a friend may make such a gift to a friend in order to restore a relationship after a quarrel.

Turquoise Bracelet for Men: Forever Beautiful, Forever Powerful

Due to their great beauty and tremendous powers, turquoise bracelets for men are often found amongst Native American antiquities. For these very same reasons, turquoise bracelets for men continue to be affectionately given as gifts, are still held in great reverence, and cherished today.

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