Turquoise Bracelet

Photo of a Turquoise Bracelet

Native American jewelry has been around for quite some time. The jewelry can be used for an individual’s personal adornment which can reflect their individuality or fashion persona revolving around their own turquoise bracelet.

History of the Turquoise Bracelet

The Turks named the turquoise stone and actually traveled with it throughout the world. Individuals have loved the turquoise bracelet since Aztec times. The Aztecs mined the turquoise stone in New Mexico.

Jewelry in America is a mirror image reflection of American culture, its diversity, and the jewelry’s history behind its designers. Some Indian tribal groups copy other tribes designs, on occasion, to formulate beautiful turquoise jewelry, like a turquoise bracelet that they may trade with on a regular basis.

The turquoise bracelet stones may come in several colors. The natural colors of the turquoise stones are what makes them special and rare. They come in many colors but mainly blues and green combinations.

Making a Turquoise Bracelet

Some of the materials used in making the turquoise bracelet are sterling silver and different turquoise stones. The turquoise bracelet stones can be carved into many settings, accentuated with hand cut silver, beautiful hand work and unique imprinted designs. These stunning turquoise bracelet(s) may reflect beauty and elegance throughout Native American history without having to even say one word.

The color turquoise is the month of December’s birthstone. The turquoise stones forming the turquoise bracelet that an individual may be wearing may bring them good luck or fortune, individual strength to the person that may be wearing the turquoise bracelet, and the power of the turquoise stones within the turquoise bracelet may be able to assist in overcoming the individual’s illness.

The turquoise bracelet has been a beautiful fashion accessory for many years. The turquoise bracelet can accentuate a beautiful dress on a fashion runway during Fashion Week in New York City. The turquoise bracelet can elongate a model’s arms or legs if they are modeling beautiful summer swimwear at a fashion show at a local department store.

Turquoise bracelets may be a fashion asset for the fall as well. The turquoise bracelet can bring an individual “fashion power” to bring attention to their black business suit during a business proposal of some sort or make a woman look fantastic during a girl’s night out on the town for drinks and some dinner. They would be the talk of the restaurant if their turquoise piece was bold enough to grab everyone’s attention while she was there dining.

Beautiful turquoise pieces of Native American jewelry have been used for several purposes down through time. The pieces have been worn by royalty and farmer’s wives. These fashion accessory pieces will remain popular forever because of their color and style.

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