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Turquoise Bracelet Style 101

Without a doubt, bracelets are one of the oldest forms of turquoise jewelry, adorning the wrists of both the wealthy and royalty since ancient Egyptian times. Worn to beautify the wrists and arms of their wearer, turquoise bracelets are both simple and versatile, making them a popular jewelry accessory in all eras. There are many turquoise bracelet types, which we’ll explain in greater length below:

Bangle Bracelet Style

The bangle bracelet comes in various styles and shapes, from simple and narrow to bold and chunky.  Bangle bracelets can be stacked, paired, or worn alone, and are constructed of a variety of materials including silver, gold, wood, glass, and plastic, making them a very flexible fashion accessory.  The solid circular “O” of the bangle bracelet is a popular choice for young children with its few components that could be broken or swallowed.

Beaded Bracelet Style

With many of Hollywood’s leading ladies seen sporting this adaptable style, the turquoise beaded bracelet has recently found its way into the spotlight, and is quickly becoming a “must have” accessory for all fashionistas.  When it comes to the beaded bracelet the design possibilities truly are limitless.  The ability to utilize a variety of different bead types and vary the number of strands allows designers the opportunity to create unique pieces that compliment the wide spectrum of today’s fashion world.

Complete a formal look by slipping on a delicate single-strand featuring subtle and elegant turquoise stones, or add edge and personality to casual attire with multi-strand versions featuring larger stones varying in size.  These one-size-fits-all beaded bracelets, available in both stretch and adjustable lengths, allow everyone the chance to accessorize like a starlet – whether she’s running errands around town or spending a night out on the town.

Charm Bracelet Style

Although charm bracelets bring with them a sense of modern freshness, the style actually dates back to ancient times where the attached charms and stones were believed to bring protection, wealth, and luck to the wearer, in addition to signaling social status.  The turquoise stone – with centuries old claims of its ability to provide protection and attract love, wealth, and luck – has always been popular as a beautiful and meaningful addition to any charm bracelet.

Today, the charm bracelet has evolved to become a customizable fashion accessory that allows each wearer to attach charms representative of their life’s milestones and memories, as well as their personal interests and dreams.  The charm bracelet’s interchangeable style, ever changing along with your life and memories, makes it a timeless standby that everyone should have in their accessory arsenal.

Cuff Bracelet Style

The turquoise cuff bracelet is one of the easiest styles to wear, due to its simple “C” shape.  The cuff bracelet – most often a wide bracelet made of a stiff material such as metal, leather, or wood – is a flexible style that allows plenty of space along the cuff to feature stones such as turquoise, as well as personalization such as monograms.  This style of bracelet is created throughout many cultures, with the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni tribes producing some of the most recognizable and unique pieces.

The Navajo style was originally built upon Moorish and Mexican design traditions, and over time became noted for its pairing of turquoise and silver, as well as its intricately stamped silver designs.  The Zuni, who learned the art of silver from the Navajo, eventually created a style where silver was used as the base for precious stones.  These designs are famous for their large size and fantastic use of colorful gemstones, including turquoise, coral, and lapis.  The Zuni then taught the Hopi the art of silver, and the Hopi went on to create a beautiful silver overlay technique that is elegant and distinctive.  Designs from all three tribes are beautiful additions to any jewelry collection.

Tennis Bracelet Style

The tennis bracelet earned its name in 1987 when tennis star Chris Evert temporarily halted her match at the U.S. Open to retrieve the diamonds from her in-line diamond bracelet that had broken.  That day the in-line diamond bracelet not only gained a new name, but also gained a place in the spotlight which helped boost popularity and made this elegant yet simple bracelet a constant in the jewelry world. Over the years this timeless classic has evolved to include not only diamonds, but also other precious stones such as turquoise.  The diamond and turquoise tennis bracelet is an eye-catching style that compliments both casual and formal attire – it adds that special touch to that special outfit, yet at the same time it is simple enough to wear every day.

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