Navajo Turquoise Bracelet

Photo of a Navajo turquoise bracelet

A Navajo turquoise bracelet can range in colors, from light blue or green to a darker shade of each. The Navajo turquoise bracelet is usually laid in a silver setting to set off the beauty of the stones. Women and men like to wear these bracelets for both casual and formal events.

The Popularity of the Navajo Turquoise Bracelet

Native Americans love the Navajo turquoise bracelet because it came into existence with the Navajo tribe after the year 1850. The tribe took great pride in their ability to create beautiful pieces that their fellow members could wear proudly. Years later the Hopi and Zuni tribes also made the Navajo turquoise bracelet pieces for their members.

The History Behind the Navajo Turquoise Bracelet

A Navajo turquoise bracelet is made from the turquoise stone. The stone is created by apatite and feldspar mixing together. The mixture is then affected by copper when there is hot lava present. Since this type of mixture is near the surface of the earth it mixes with oxygen. Over time, the parts in the earth are affected by water and they create the turquoise stone.

The turquoise gemstone was used in burials for many of the Native American tribes. Turquoise has been found as far back as 7,000 years ago. A Navajo turquoise bracelet piece of jewelry was formed by the hands of the tribe members to show their appreciation.

Caring for A Navajo Turquoise Bracelet

A Navajo turquoise bracelet should be polished with a special cloth from a jeweler. It should never be suspended in jewelry cleaner, or washed with soap and water. It is important that it be stored in an airtight bag and placed in a jewelry box to keep it from getting harmed.

Taking care of a Navajo turquoise bracelet is important because the stone is very delicate and can be affected by various affects. It should be protected from too much sunlight or air. When cared for properly, a Navajo turquoise bracelet can last for many years.

A Navajo turquoise bracelet is something that many people love to be able to call their own. They wear it proudly when they go out and about in the world. Since owning a Navajo turquoise bracelet is special, people will take great care to keep it looking nice. The Navajo turquoise bracelet will continue to rise in popularity because of its intrinsic designs and the pride of its owners.

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